Excellence in education
for children with disabilities

Every Child Deserves to Be Heard

Week Without Words is a fundraising and awareness campaign for the 95% of children at St Lucy's who struggle to speak due to conditions like dyspraxia, autism or cognitive difficulties.

We teach them to communicate in their own way with picture cards, hand signs and electronic devices.

Speech therapy and specialised equipment is expensive and we cannot rely on Government funding alone.

Week Without Words raises funding for:

  •  Assessments
  • Communication Support Plans
  • Training in the use of communication devices for students and their families
  • Programs to address behavioural problems that are linked to the frustration of not being able to speak
  • Development of a communication 'dictionary' for each child so that everyone can interpret their non-verbal cues

During Week Without Words we ask our supporters to get sponsored to stay silent for an hour, a morning or a day.

Or you could hold your own event - a 'silent' morning tea, lunch or dinner.

Every donation over $2.00 is tax deductible and every dollar counts!

Join the fun at http://www.weekwithoutwords.org.au/index.html